Who we are

In Expansius we do possess more than 10 years of experience in International Commerce, acting and developing international projects in a wide variety of markets, implementing the commercial and technical structures required so to generate profit and added value.

Our aim is focused at providing to our clients with the necessary tools so they can face an internationalization process, streaming down a solid methodology so to consolidate their strategies in the chosen markets.

Currently, economy´s global aspect, in addition to the stiffness of the financial structures, force ourselves to put in place binomials, back in time contradictories and now necessaries, and all of that, for the fast pace at which the world economy and the world commercial structure is growing.

Constantly updated technical and market information is important so to forecast change and establish the means to adapt the company to such uncertainties, and by shortening the learning curves, decisions shall be taken on well-founded basis.

Our methodology establishes the phases that will allow the company to take decisions about the Company´s Policy Expansion, preparing teams for an active export performance, designing a Strategic Plan and developing the Action Plan so to expand the company rationally throughout the chosen markets, considering therefore, space, time and economical factors.

The firms located abroad and associated to Expansius integrate a wide array of professionals with expertise in legal, fiscal and economical reports, providing experienced teams in business consultancy for the daily work a market environment requires.

Our consultancy service is performed in different sectors such as, agriculture, construction, marble and water-jet, chemical industry, renewable energies, hotels, public lighting, telecommunications, electrification for rural, urban areas and railway infrastructures.

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