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Ever since we started our professional path in International Commerce back in 1998, we asserted the need for private companies to take part in the current globalization process, in which world markets are involved, as this is a time of business transformation and commercial interconnection, we firmly believe is historical.

For the reason stated above we founded Expansius, in response with the ever-increasing needs of our clients in Internationalization subjects. And above all, we hope to drive your international strategy, monitoring every stage of the process along with any technical or commercial issue, so to help your company succeed, minimizing risks, quantifying the targets and plans set.

For many companies an internationalization process is contemplated as a scenario where severe economical and human resources need to be pour into it, considering such initiative, therefore, risky. This idea, deep-rooted within a company structure, holds back their drive for entering world markets as an active player, indefinitely. From Expansius, we want to transmit that an Internationalization Process may be planned, and monitoring costs, we are able to parameter gradually the operational phases required.

We count on associated companies in the target country, who will provide legal, economical and commercial certainty during the implementation phase abroad.

At last, an investment from your company in an internationalization process is perceived as a positive move by market agents, as this is interpreted as a company´s commitment towards a future project, transmitting firmly the will to consolidate the commercial strategy of the company, on a long-term basis.

Expansius welcomes your company to the Adventure of an International Expansion.

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